6 VISIONS : A Joint Exhibition of Animation and Concept Art

6 VISIONS Art Exhibition, Opening Day, Mar 16th 2019

6 VISIONS Art Exhibition, Opening Day, Mar 16th 2019


San Francisco’s The Little Raven Gallery presents the “6 VISIONS,” a Joint Exhibition of Animation and Concept Art of Moxuan Zhang (Show Curator), Jing Ouyang (Exhibition Director), Rachel Xin, Bella Liu, Yanqing Shangguan, and Arya Houliu.
They are all originally from different parts of China. The love of creation has brought them together in San Francisco.
Each of the artists has developed their project in the past years. The different growing experience has given them a unique point of view in art. Through their theme, artists illustrated their visual stories to express what they passionate. "6 VISIONS" is an art showcase to express themselves who they are as an artist.






Exhibition Booklet, Design by Monxuan Zhang and Jing Ouyang, Mar 2019




Monxuan Zhang (Curator)

Moxuan won the 1st place in Artstation Challenge Wild West character design at 2018 while he still a student. Currently he works for Blizzard Netease and Tencent as a lead concept artist.


Jing Ouyang (Exhibit Director)

Jing is a character designer with a storytelling mindset. Currently she’s freelancing for Titmouse as character designer, and Bandai Namco Entertainment as concept designer.

Yanqing Shangguan

Yanqing is a visual development artist who is flexible on styles and always ready for new things. Now she is working as a character designer in Cupertino.


Bella Liu

Qianlin Liu is a concept artist and illustrator. She works for Blizzard, Tencent Game and HTC VIVE. She is interested in creating different style of arts.


Rachel Xin

Rachel is a character designer, film maker and storyteller. She is currently working at Pixar.


Arya Houliu

she is a concept artist who likes a lot of crazy stuff. Now she working at ready at Dawn studio.